Tuesday, October 30, 2012

More Old Photos 2006

Not much going on around here as we wait out the dreary weather.  We hope everyone of our Blogger friends is high and dry.
I came home to NY when I had just turned two years old.  After a couple of "get to know you" rides, while I still remembered my lessons, my shoes were pulled, and for the next year or so I did a lot of not much.

The summer I was three, my aunt Holly began to work with me.  One day she called Brita and said "You have to come and try this grey horse.  He's so smart.  You would really like him"

I began my lessons again.  I started with some light chains on my hind ankles learning how to rack like a five gaited horse.  The chains tickle and made me quicken my step behind which is usually just enough to break up the 1-2-1-2 beat of a trot.

But it didn't really work.  I could do it a little, but I never really got the hang of it.
But I've been known to slip into the rack now and then when I'm all hot and bothered and have run out of better ideas to try.....

Monday, October 15, 2012

Old Photos

I was just looking through old photos and thought you might enjoy some of me as a two year old.
Doing my best to attract a new owner at Tattersalls Saddlebred Sales April 2005.  I had just turned two in January and had learned my lessons well.  I preformed steadily in front of the crowd and was flashy enough that the journalist covering the event took my picture.

My new family took me out behind the sale barn to have a good look at me in the sunshine.  Sadly that historic sale barn beside the Red Mile no longer exists. 

Just off the trailer and happy to be home after my long ride from Kentucky

One month later posing in the New York springtime.  Just look at that long black mane.  So many adventures to come....

Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Autumn Leaves

Autumn in New York is indescribably beautiful.  It cannot be captured on film and relayed to you in square inches.
And this is the most perfect autumn we've ever seen. 
The air is dry and warm, but the breeze fresh.

The colors are brilliant and at their peak this week. 
The sky is crystal blue and the grass is brilliant green.

The atmosphere is so clear that the colors are intensified. 
 One tree, more radiant than the others will stand out against a sea of greens and then shift and become commonplace again.

The afternoon sunlight highlights one thing and then the next.  It is hard to know where to look lest you miss some brief and irretrievable beauty.

The cornfields are cut leaving territory, long occupied, open again.  The wind rustles the dried leaves left behind and makes me skittery and playful.  I could leap away at any moment, not from fear or ill will but for the joy of it.

 Our rides are too glorious not to share. Wish you were here.

Me, I'm all about grabbing some forbidden red clover while no one is watching.

The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold....