Sunday, September 30, 2012

Air Conditioning

She clipped my chest and sides so I won't sweat.  I admit it feels better not to sweat, but I'm afraid to look in the mirror.  Is it bad?   It is isn't it?

Oooo my ear itches.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Oh Deer

Ummm... hello?

Why are you not moving?

Hey buddy, are you OK?

Obviously something is amiss.

Geez... it's fake isn't it?  Ppfffttt.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

The Pony Problem

P is for Pony

I have a Pony Problem.  Lately this place has been just lousy with ponies.  They're everywhere.  In the barn.  In my paddock.  In my way.

First there was Bubbles.
 Her job is to babysit the yearling.  Some days she likes me.  Other days, she bites.  She drew blood on my soft grey nose.  She is moody and unpredictable.  Therefore I regard her with caution.
The came Patriot.  "Pat" for short.  He is a dignified sort of fellow.  I don't mind having him around.  He's quiet and well behaved.  He does not bite noses.
Patriot is a Hackney.  Mom bought him to loan to the Amish children.  But he didn't want to be an Amish pony, so he came here to live and everyone likes him.

The other day some little pink people came to visit.  I'm afraid of little pink people.  So they visited everyone but me!  They petted the chickens, and the petted Face-Off.  They did not pet ME!

Apparently Little Pink People are a pony specialty. Next thing I knew, the whole crowd was fading off into the distance with a pony!

All I could do was watch from my window.  I called out.  I banged on the wall.  They just kept walking with that pony!  Finally, they came back.  Brita said that I would get a chance to show off.  Finally!  All the little pink people, and their chaperones, were cleared out of the way, and I entered the arena.  I did my best to put on a show.  I cantered in circles and spun around.  I snorted a LOT.  I did my best to show what a wild and powerful horse I can be.  The comment I heard was that my performance was "intense".  You bet!  I am very impressive when I have an audience.

Brita got out my platform and showed them how I can get up on it and stand.  I was wishing it were higher and fancier like a real circus horse would have.

After my performance I took a bow and everyone clapped and cheered.  Let's see one of those little ponies do that.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Pesky Critters

Summer is winding down and I am savoring every bit of grass.  The high pollen count from the golden rod and other flowers gives me itchy watery eyes, but it's worth it.

Each morning and evening I spend munching clover.

It is especially succulent in the cool of the morning.  The dew gives me what Mom calls "grass face".

The other day I went out to my paddock and guess what I saw?  A big ole fat woodchuck eating MY clover!  I'll bet you know what I did!  I put my head down in the most threatening manner and ran that fat little bugger right back to his hole outside the fence.  Hmmpppffhh.  I don't share my clover.