Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Bath Time

So here I am, soaking wet, tied to the wall.

I feel much better now, and I was sort of full of shenanigans today. It's been awhile since I got to go out in the hay fields. First we did a few days of schoolwork in the arena, then I was infected with a potentially deadly disease, then it rained. So I was feeling pretty good to be out. Aaand I may have been a little naughty. Anyway, I am back from what was supposed to be a quiet stroll around the freshly mown hay fields soaking wet with sweat and covered in flyspray scum. Brita had been saying how clean I've been lately. I'm almost all shed out and slicked up in my summer coat and I haven't had any mud to roll in.

Brita brought me in, skipped my snack, and tied me to the wall. I don't like being tied to the wall. But since she got that magic ring, I've gotten tired of trying to figure out how to pull the wall down. It just doesn't work anymore. nothing breaks, the rope just keeps coming and coming and coming... So I've learned to stand still. And this is what it gets me. Actually, the warm water did feel sort of good. but don't tell anybody. Aren't my dapples pretty when they're wet?

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Ouch! Again!

I've been on Light Duty again because I have an Owie. I like Light Duty, because it mostly involves lawn mowing. See the Owie on my chest?

It's all sore and swollen and twice the size of the other side. You see Knucklehead across the aisle...

...had the Doctor in to see about his boy parts. And while the Doctor was here, he slipped into my stall and jabbed me. What is it about Doctors? Is it possible for them to visit and NOT poke a needle full of some deadly disease into one of my soft spots?

So, I've been lawn mowing with my fly mask on.

I love my fly mask. It keeps the ear bugs away. In fact, I've been thinking about getting a bonnet to keep them out of my ears when I ride. Something that doesn't cover my face. But anyway, the only downside to the fly mask is that it gives me Hat Head. This isn't a very bad episode of hat head.

Sometimes I look like this....

My lawn is growing. It's starting to green right up. It will still be awhile until I can mow it. But I'm practicing.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Mother's Day

This isn't actually my Mom, this is my Grand Mom who's name is Camilla Fox. But I figure my Mom looks pretty much like this anyway. Actually, I have three Moms. My real Mom, Galatea, my sarogate Mom who's name I don't remember (it was probably Mom wasn't it?), and my Human Mom. It's all very confusing. Apparently, I'm a miracle of modern science, and I have a brother and a sister born at the same time as me, and we were all raised by different volunteer Moms. Something about embryo transfer, which just sounds really expensive.

But now I have the best Mom who takes care of me every day. She makes sure that I get out to play every day. She makes sure I get fresh green grass, and sometimes that means she has to pick it herself and bring it to me. She notices when I don’t feel good and brings me a warm blanket. When she leaves the barn and walks past my stall she usually has a goody, but always tickles my nose. She makes sure my lunch box is always packed and I have water to go with it. Whenever we have company she brings me out to show me off, so I think I’m her favorite. And because of this, I try not to accidentally bite her too often.

So Happy Mother's Day to my favorite Mom.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hogan's Heros

Good News for Hogan, the horse with a huge heart. A home has been found for him, now we are raising money to ship him from SBR in New Jersey to his new home in KY.