Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Mud Spas and the Aftermath

I have been spa~ing it in the mud. I am so happy with my messes. First I apply a primer coat, then a base coat, and finally a finish coat. Sometimes I wear mud pies on my rump. It's very flattering.

Brita attacks it with a shedding blade. Can you see all the dust flying? She even puts on a dustproof-hairproof suit.

Then she measures the pile to see how well she did. This one was 3 inches deep and a hoof pick wide.

This is how I look with the mud removed, half an hour later. Still not clean by any stretch of the imagination, but at least Brita isn't ashamed to be seen in public with me, and my dapples show through.

Really, it couldn't have been too bad... see how clean my saddle pad was? Mom even turned it over to see if the expected dirt was hiding on the other side. The key is I did my trot work and hills and didn't break a sweat. I am getting fit quite fast. what does Brita think I do all day? Sit around? Nope, I DO stuff.

We even found a little green grass. It wasn't much but oh it was so good!

Afterwards, when Brita left, I went out and repainted my blank canvas! I can't waste all this beautiful mud!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patrick's Day

May St. Patrick's Day put a little green in your Spring.

If I had grass, I'd roll in it and celebrate with a little wearin' o' the Green!

You know I would!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Best Thing About March

.... is no bugs. I can nap in the sun and not worry about getting bit. I get soooo sleepy.

I managed to stay dry until Brita got here today. We went for a nice little ride on the flat route and did quite a bit of trot work. She says I did really well and that without shoes on I have more extension in my stride.

When we were done, I went back out in the sun and rolled in the mud.

Both Sides. I'm sure she's glad she didn't waste much time on the beautification routine.


Saturday, March 13, 2010

Good Day Sunshine

I'm sorry I haven't blogged much lately, but not a whole lot has been going on. I've just been hanging out in the primordial ooze of my paddock waiting for Spring to arrive. This past week was beautiful with warm weather and sunshine. I spent a lot of time looking for grass, but there isn't any. Brita would show up, and take one look at muddy me and find something useful to do in the barn. We did go for a looonngg walk last Saturday in the sunshine. It was great, and I even got to stretch my legs in the first gallop of the year. On a long straight spot, with firm footing. Glory!

But on Thursday, I looked up, and she was headed out for a ride on Ms. Copy. She said it was because Copy was clean and I wasn't. She just didn't have the time to scrape the mud off AND ride. Well I yelled for her to wait, and came galloping back to the barn, but she was already out of sight. I went to the gate and waited for my turn, but when she got back, she said she was sorry but she was out of time, and I had missed my chance. Well Poo. It was a beautiful sunny day, just perfect for a jaunt.

Of course, Ms. Copy-Poppy doesn't really enjoy going on rides, and I DO, so we put our heads together and came up with a solution. Yesterday before I came in, I rolled in the dry sand of the arena, and polished all the mud off. So when Brita came to the barn today she thought Mom had helped me because I was all slicked up and ready for my ride.... We go now?

And Ms. Copy-Poppy........

.........Was NOT.

On a dietary note, I've decided I like celery. The best part of celery (besides the green leaves) is that it comes in long crunch stalks and I get to eat the whole thing instead of having someone cut it up in little pieces and ration it out. I can put the whole thing in my mouth. It's great!