Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jesus is Coming

This Saturday apparently...

Which has inspired a whole week of "come to Jesus" meetings in the round pen so we can all be on our best behavior. hmmpphhfff

Maybe I did have some trouble with naughty bucks sneaking into my canter last weekend.

So this week has been spent on long lines where Brita and I can discuss our different opinions of this gait eye to eye.

Huff Puff OK I get it. In my opinion, drilling trot/canter/trot transitions is for four year olds. I am so past this


Now this is the kind of Rapture I had in mind.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Meet my little sister: My Cocoa Latte

The most interesting thing about the Internet is the social connection capabilities. Yes, Facebook and the Internet work for horses too! Not too long ago my little sister Cocoa found my blog through a friend of a friend and was able to contact me and reconnect. We have the same mom, Attache's Galatea, but different fathers. Here are some excerpts from our correspondence:

Dear William Pendleton,

Your blog was shared with me by another rider at my barn, as I am your sister! My owner and I live in Florida and I am training to be shown in the Country Pleasure class with my rider an 11-year old girl. You look like our Mom, she has the same coloring as you, she also lives in Florida, about 30 minutes from me. I look like my dad, a Bay.

I was born in TN, but moved to FL when I was young. I lived with my Mom and some other Saddlebreds with a man bought Mom (he is a farrier).He brought me to a nice barn with lots of kids and to be trained. That is where I met my people family. They tell me they fell in love with me the first time they saw me! When the farrier man thought I was ready for a forever family, the lady bought me as a surprise for the girl for her 11th birthday. We have been inseparable ever since! Mom lives at a very nice stable and is pregnant again!

I am so happy to find a sibling of mine and can't wait to hear about all our adventures and will keep up with your blog regularly.

Love you little sister,


Cocoa's people also shared some info with me about her bond with her young owner. It sounds like Cocoa is lucky to have a very kind family as I do, and they have bonded in a special way:

"She is very sweet and loves other animals. She gives kisses to the dogs and the goat that live that the stable. She gently leans into my daughter every time Julia goes into her stall. Her personality is the reason we bought her (we have never owned a horse before) not her pedigree.

She is being trained for ASB Country Pleasure and competed in her first show in March 2011. She can be a bit little lazy, but is VERY smart. Cocoa knows how to get her way and realizes Julia loves her as a pet, not just a show horse. Julia is having to learn many new things in order to keep her on track. The are like two peas in a pod and sometime I think Cocoa is the equine version of Julia (not just in personality, but also in physique). They are both very long-legged and lean, so they look great together in the ring. "

We congratulate Cocoa on finding such a wonderful family and wish her well in her future endeavors and hope to hear from her again. I do so hope she can get me a picture of my Mom Galatea for my scrap book!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wild Meringue

If you are a road horse, you encounter many strange objects while on your daily travels.

There are rocks which house trolls....

And trucks which can swallow a horse whole...

Farm Machinery...

Deadly Lurking Cow Monsters...

I’ve been accosted by dogs, free range chickens and silent but deadly alien bicycles. I’ve been surprised by the shadows of raptors flitting under my nose, and marched bravely past disembodied snowmen. The recent rains have turned into rushing torrents which make a thrilling noise and beg to be splashed in.

But I ask you, what in the name of all that is Holy… THIS?

An escaped bubble bath? Swamp Ditch Monster eggs? The mother load of non-dairy topping? Have the free ranging chickens whipped up a Meringue?

Did the Man in the Moon drop his shaving cream?

It wonders me....