Saturday, August 4, 2012


Today, while climbing a bank out of the hayfield, I sprung my shoe.  It had just been put on nice and tight, but I did a number on it.  Pulled the inside nails out, twisted it clockwise, and stepped back on the toe clip.  There were nails sticking out every whichaway.

Luckily we were not far from home and Brita helped me gimp back to the barn.  There she studied the situation, and wished the camera were in the barn and not the car because the sight was so blog-worthy.  She was more worried about getting it off in a hurry though so no picture.

Lucky for me she has a nice little farrier kit in her trunk and she was able to remove it without further damaging my hoof.  The clip appears to have gone right up the white line and once it was out, my foot felt fine.  She put some sticky stinky stuff in the groove though.  I hope nothing more comes of it since that is the same foot that gave me trouble last summer.