Thursday, March 31, 2011

Spring Cleaning

It's time to get this itchy winter coat off. I diligently work on rolling it off every day, but it helps to have a personal assistant to help with those hard to reach places. Especially my back. Oooo yeah, that's the spot.

Yup, get a stool and let's work on that spot properly.

A little to the right. No, the left... MY left.

Then we break out the power tools. The Dirt Devil and I have come to terms. Unlike our first meeting.

That rotary brush really smooths things out. But sometimes it tickles a bit.

I still don't like to come face to face with it.

But everything goes well since I am such a brave critter,

and in the end I get a peanut.

And a nose Smooch.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spring has sprung...

...The Grass has riz...

Oh really? And where would that be? All I see is muddy rocks.

Hows about a big muddy smooch?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm not the only one!

The most amazing thing happened today. While we were out riding, I met another horse. He was just trotting down the road with his girl like I do. This is completely unprecedented!

At first I didn't even spot him. And I don't think he saw me. His name is Burt.

To be honest, I really didn't know how to act. I would have loved to run right up to him and wrestle. But I was asked to stand still at a respectful distance and visit. I did OK, but boy was I excited. Mom and Brita did not seem as surprised. Apparently they knew about Burt already. Burt's girl Jillian told us that Burt goes to school with her and they are home on Spring break. Burt used to be a race horse, now he's a show jumper. He says he jumps 3'6". Well, I can too. Right here right now. Straight up off both ends. Let's go buddy.

When he went on his way, Brita made me go the opposite direction. I was good and obeyed, but of course my concentration was totally shot. I mean, first warm Spring weather, and then a friend! She made me go back to the barn even though I hadn't gotten a chance to stretch my legs. I did have a minor explosion on the way down the driveway. Wheeee! I could barely contain myself. Brita put me back in my lot. What a bummer. This could have been the best day ever.

Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement: Welcome Home Miracle

Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement: Welcome Home Miracle: "Today Miracle had an ending and a beginning. Her time at Sunkissed Acres came to an end today. Lori, the founder of Sunkissed Acres Rescue, ..."

The Grey Horse would like to take a moment to congratulate a fellow Grey Horse, "Miracle" on her good fortune in life and say "Good on you" to our friends Melissa and Jason at Paradigm Horse Farm for doing their part in the heart warming effort to make this right. Please click the link and read Miracle's story.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Blue Stairs to Nowhere

The other day I heard Brita in the barn, and I came running in to greet her. And there was the strangest object in the arena!

First I ran back and forth to get a good look at it from every angle. It was very peculiar, but it didn't move. Brita seemed unconcerned, and stood in the corner watching me. I was a bit unnerved. Things shouldn't just appear in the arena. Especially large, bright blue things.

Finally, I got up enough nerve to get close to it.

I smelled it. It smelled sort of... well... blue.

Then I felt it. It's rough in places, and if you run your chin back and forth over it, it feels funny.

Then I tasted it. And it didn't taste at all.

I tried to bite it. It's not chewable.

I pushed it, and it didn't run.

Then I thought about stomping it, and my next thought was... what would Brita think of that? She wasn't saying. She was being no help at all.

It seems to have a handle, but I can't get my teeth in it...

I give up. What does it do?