Sunday, July 8, 2012

When You're Hot ~ You're Hot

What do you do when it's this hot out?  As little as possible!  And I got my annual visit from the vet this week. 
"Why hello William, how have you been feeling?"  ~Jab~

What is it with Vets?  As always, it raised a welt which you can see on my neck.  The jab site sticks up and the reins have polished all the fly spray grunge off it leaving a shiney white spot.  Since it's so hot, and I may be feeling poorly from my run in with the vet, we've been taking it easy.  But you can't just sit around moping.  So we take nice little wanders in the cool woods.

When we came home we found Uncle Dad sitting under a shady oak so I stopped to visit.

It's so nice under here, I could take a nap.

He shared his morning coffee with me.  That woke me up!

And asked me to help out with some low hanging branches in the yard.

Oh, lookee here what I found in the tree! It's someone's house.  Nobodys home.

It's so muggy and buggy and itchy, I think it's time we went to the barn for a nice cool sponge bath and a drink of water.

Wait!  What's this I see?

A drinking fountain in the garden.  How convenient.