Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's the little things

Well, you can teach an old human new tricks. Brita came back from the training clinic with at least one good idea we can use today. Since we have a very nice indoor round pen available which has the best footing possible all year round, we do quite a bit of long lining. Plus, I think she enjoys watching me. Well, just the weight of the lines seems to tighten up on my bit, and I have a very light mouth. It would be nice if the lines would loosen up a little easier when we stop, and just be a little lighter in general. The friction of the line through the surcingle ring, and against the leather of the back pad really seems to lock it in there. Today she came from the hardware store with two big brass swivel snaps and snapped those onto each surcingle ring and ran the reins through the swivel end of the snap instead. Having those rings on a two inch snap so it can raise away from the leather, and sort of swing around gives a lot more play to the lines, and seems to make them easier to release. I really appreciate little things like that.

Also, we have worked around our technical difficulties, and I have posted my snow angel pictures if you want to go back and look at those.

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