Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Snow Angels

Have you ever had one of your humans get so cranky you just couldn't do a thing with them? Mine is like that lately. She can't take a joke, she is short fused and dissatisfied about everything. Yesterday when she came to visit all we did was argue. I got her straightened out in the end and she gave me carrots and we parted as friends. Well, she must have seen the error of her ways and felt bad about her behavior so she made a special trip out to see me today at lunchtime instead of going to the Jim to work her self out. I don't know who this Jim fella is, but I get pretty jealous because he takes away from our time together.

It was such a bright warm sunny day, and I thought she could use some fresh air and sunshine, so I suggested that instead of running around in circles or worrying about the brown stains on my coat, we should just go outside and play and remember how much fun winter can be. So, I took her for a walk in the snow. She was happy because she thought maybe I'd roll in the snow and get some of this grunge off me. So I did roll, just to make her happy. First I dug around to see if there was any mud under there because I would have really preferred to roll in mud than clean white snow. That would probably have put her over the edge.
I dug and dug, and there was no grass, and not enough mud, and that makes me mad. I pinned my ears back and stomped around and dug some more. Oh what I wouldn't give for a mouthful of nice sweet grass right now. In the end, I rolled several times and left big grungy snow angels everywhere. My Mom went to the house and got the camera. I chased her when I saw it.

We had a real nice time, and got to spend some quality time together. When we got back to the barn, she just complained that the damp snow had smudged all the spots together into an overall browness. She said whoever thought they wanted a white horse ought to have their head examined, and that the fairy's tail was all over. Then she washed my tail, which I don't really mind. It came out while and glistening. I hope that made her feel better.

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