Thursday, February 26, 2009

What a difference a day makes...

My human friend was so much easier to work with today. I guess that taking her out to play in the snow really helped. What else helped is that it was almost 50 degrees out today, and all the hard spots in the arena have thawed. This improved her outlook on life so much that she even said I looked clean today.

We long lined to start getting in shape a little for riding. She said my stifles looked really good today now that I've been back on my joint supplement, and I have to say they did feel pretty good. We practiced trot-canter-trot transitions which I really like because doing one thing for too long is really boring, and you can get pretty dizzy going in a circle without thinking about anything. She said she was going to go and learn about long lining this weekend, so we'll see if anything changes in the program next week.

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