Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Picnic Lunch

I had a picnic lunch out under the tree today. Yesterday I got my shot so I was feeling a little pitiful again today. I stepped short on the leg nearest where I got jabbed so Brita could see how awful I felt. So instead of real work she offered to take my on a picnic lunch. Actually what she thought she was doing was training me to get in the horse trailer. I know how to get in. I just don't like it in there, and I don't want to be there. And every time I get in, it lets me out somewhere strange.
She brought a bag of carrots, and offered them to me if I would step on the ramp. The ramp is a lot like my trick platform that I put all four feet on. So, I put all four feet on the ramp, ate my carrot, and then got off. Simple enough. The trailer is parked under a shady tree, and I would much rather have stood out there and eaten grass. She tried to coax me onto the trailer, and I stood and pouted because she was being very stingy with the carrots.
Then she decided we should have lunch. It was getting pretty near lunchtime by then. So she sent Mom for a pail of grain. Well that was great! I got right in the trailer to eat my lunch. At first, I was suspicious, so I would take a bite then back off to the ramp to chew. But it didn't look like the trailer was going to drive off during lunch, so soon I got quite comfy, and we all stood in the trailer in the shade and had lunch. When I was done, I got right back off. No sense hanging out in there and risk getting transported somewhere scary.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Aliens have landed!

Look what I saw this evening...

Mom had to come rescue me. I was transfixed! The world certainly is full of strange and mystifying creatures.

The only thing I can imagine that would be worse is this...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Under the Weather

I've been feeling rather under the weather for a few days... and my what weather it has been! We got so much rain yesterday that everything flooded except our stalls. Which was a good thing, because I was home sick in mine. You really don't want a wet bed when you're sick.

A few days ago the vet came and gave me one of the shots I need to go to The Fair. It made me feel yucky, and made my neck so stiff and sore I couldn't even reach down to eat grass. I stood outside and chewed wood because that was all I could reach. So Mom put me to bed. Then she gave me another shot. That really upset me because I was already feeling rotten, and she poked me in the other side of my neck!

I went and stood in the corner and stomped my feet. How could she do such a thing? But she was right, the second pokey made me feel a lot better, and I was able to eat hay from my hay net and watch the rain. They say I have to have some more before I'm all up to date and ready to go.

I was feeling much better today, but I had been in bed sick for so many days and waiting for the water to dry up (even in the indoor arena) that my ankles were starting to get stiff and puffy. I hadn't been for a ride since last Monday, but Brita came and took me out on the road, and pretty soon we had worked everything loose again. We went the same way as the day we saw the wildebeasts. I didn't see any today. Brita said they were there so we stopped short. No sense getting everyone all out of sorts on such a nice quiet day. She went back and took a picture of the actual wildebeasts to you could see just how wild and scary they really were.

Here is what they looked like when I first saw them, where I ran the fastest furlong in Saddlebred history.

See this one lurking in the underbrush? She looks very sinister.

I'm sure glad I didn't have to face them again today!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Wandering Caveleggies

Today one of the Caveleggies wandered away from the group, and got bigger, and Brita expected me to get over it anyway. The first time I just stopped and walked around it. That wasn't hard, it isn't too wide. But no one was happy about that, and Mom put poles on either side to make that inconvenient. So, I hopped over it. That made everyone happy.

I admit, I tried my best to find a way around, but I did end up jumping over it each time even when it got taller. It was such an unexpected occurrence, I just couldn't keep my eyes off it. Mom kept going up to it and making adjustments. I watched each time to try to figure out what the point of this exercise was. I did what I was asked, and I guess it was fun. More fun than just trotting around in circles... but still weird.

Then I got to go for a walk in the woods, which I love. It's cool and shady in there. Brita had to carry me through some water but other than that, I was fine. I just didn't want to risk getting my boots muddy. Playing in mud is fine on my day off, but I hate to get my equipment dirty. Especially when it has that fresh laundry smell.

Friday, June 12, 2009

"The Horse"

I'm going to hijack Grey's blog for a moment for some reflection....

Today as I was riding, I was thinking that Grey might qualify as my "dream horse", my once in a lifetime horse. He possesses that unique "constellation of attributes" that none of my other horses has had. He is Saddlebred, dapple grey, tall, smart as a whip... we get along. Often you will get a horse that seems to remind you of all the best traits of horses you have known. Of all the horses I've had, he reminds me most of a horse I had growing up, who was registered Appaloosa, but was also, big, grey, smart, and actually a hodge-podge of ranch horse, Anglo-Arab, and just enough App thrown in to get the papers. But Grey's advantage is that he's Saddlebred, and has been mine since his early formative years.
After our pleasant gallop over my rain-soaked hayfields, I returned to the barn where Mom told me about the Amish coming to see the horses. We have quite a few Amish friends, and they are always curious about our horses. Actually, I think they are just as curious about two "english" women running around in tank tops feeling the legs of their buggy horses, dolling out Bute in applesauce to get a sore one home, and discussing breeding principles... like artificial insemination. All in all, quite enlightening for our Amish guys.

Anyway, Mosey had come to the house on some business about the big cow barns Mom is having the Amish restore. He asked to see the horses, and after a tour, Mom brought Grey out, and showed off his parlor tricks. Mosey was quite intrigued, and admired both Grey's conformation and his training. He thought he was big and impressive. Mom said as she led Grey off to his stall, Mosey was quiet for a moment than he said in his slow German drawl... "Yes... that's The Horse."

He didn't continue to elaborate on his comment at all. Mom said she didn't know exactly what he meant for a moment. She had just shown him four other nicely built, big, pretty Saddlebreds. What was he singling out about this one? I think anyone who has met Grey in person would have understood what Mosey was seeing.

"Yes, " Mom agreed, as she closed the stall door... "that's The Horse."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Brita had her husband Tim build me some things called Caveleggies, or Cavelettis. We're not sure, she's the only one who can pronounce it. We have 4, but one is still "in the shop" due to a construction set back... not my fault! I spotted them in the arena as soon as I was led out of the barn. I have done ground poles, but these things looked a little dangerous with their scissor-like ends. Brita is pretty non-confrontational, so when she saw my hesitation, she just turned me loose to investigate by myself instead of trying to "train" me to do something. She's pretty sneaky. She snapped a carrot, and stood in the middle of the "Leggies" munching....

"Here Horsey...horsey...horsey...."

She kept moving around, and before I knew it, I had stepped in the middle of those stick-people critters trying to get my share of carrot.

Then she put me on the longe line and got me circling.
And aimed me for the middle....

Now I'm a pro at it.

I forget... were these supposed to be scary?

I continued my gymnastic exercise, learning to watch my feet and adjust my timing so I wouldn't trip.

We have another scary wooden object that landed in the lawn. This one is called a "picnic table" but the first time I saw it I thought it was a bright red alien. I didn't want to get close to it, but Brita insisted on sitting in the shade.

Each time I see someone sitting at it, I lose my focus and have to look over there to make sure they aren't being eaten. If it moves, I'm outta here!