Monday, March 9, 2009

Friends and "Neigh"bors

Since we snapped a lot of pictures this weekend, I thought you might like a chance to meet some of my stablemates.

This is Lucy the Appaloosey sporting her crAppolution spring fashion. Lucy's stall is right across from mine, and I try to teach her everything I know like how to bang on the door to make the food come faster, and how to dunk your hay.

This is Hairy the Saddlebred. Hairy had just gotten caught in a rainstorm and was drenched. Hairy doesn't do anything, but he is very friendly. I always stop to visit him on my way down the barn aisle.

This is Face-Off a.k.a. "the Pinkster". He might look like an ol' spotted cowhorse from the front, but he is really a winning Country Pleasure horse.
Here is what he looks like when he and I go to the horse shows.

And this is our expectant mother "Copy". I can't wait to meet my new little playmate. When he or she gets big enough, we're going to be best buddies.

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Katie said...

You have great taste in horses. I think all of them are amazing!