Monday, March 16, 2009

A little ray of sunshine

It looks like Spring may have finally come to our neck of the woods. Saturday was a beautiful day although it took a while to warm up properly. We went for a ride, and I explored some uncharted territory. We started in the hay field which was frozen on top and very slippery. I kept gazing off over the fence to the cow pasture. It looked so much more interesting than the hay fields. Luckily, the gate was open at the corner. It would have been so much easier if the fence hadn't been there. Brita tried to explain to me the hazard, and showed my the high tensile fence. Then she pointed me at the gate. Problem... the drive leading to the gate was rutted 10 inches deep with mud, frozen on top. I got as far as the gate post, but I kept turning my head and wishing I could just go through the fence somehow. It took me awhile to muster the courage to get through that frozen mud. Finally, Brita just turned me around and backed me the last 10 feet. I feel so much more brave when she's in charge and I don't have to look. When I have to make the decision about whether or not it's safe, I always like to err on the side of caution. However, as my frame of reference grows, I feel more qualified to make these decisions.
We had a nice walk through the cow pasture. The ground in there was also frozen and slippery. We went along the fence so I would know where it was in case I ever have to find my way home alone. There are a lot of dangerous situations to get into out in the wide world, but I'm learning about them one by one so I can be a safe and responsible mount.
Uncle Dad (that's what we call Brita's Step father) said he was going to mark a trail through the woods that would be safe so we can go exploring even further. And, he brought us some poles so I can work on my obstacles at the barn in my spare time.

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