Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rudy the Red Headed Step Child

In my last post, I did not mention my friend Rudy because we did not get a picture of him. Poor Rudy. He feels left out. Rudy doesn't really have a special person, or a special job (besides chewing on my halter) so he gets overlooked a lot. Here is a special note about Rudy so maybe he will feel a little more special:

My last blog didn’t mention Red Ridge Rudy at all
Is it because he doesn’t have his own permanent stall?
I know he is different, but Lucy the Appaloosa is too
Some people like little Quarter Horses, (maybe a few)
The vet doesn’t come see him, he’s pretty darn sound
You’d never guess he’s got cutting horse background
Maybe someone would love him and he’d find a home
He isn’t any Saddlebred and has no Appy-like chrome
He’s a trail horse or 4H project that someone needs
It’s not his fault that he isn’t one of our favorite breeds
Brita should mention him the next time, maybe he’ll be
Bought up by some one who’ll love him just like you
Love me

Here's a picture of Rudy from his Christmas card last year.


Anonymous said...

Hay! If Rudy does go to live with someone who wants him to be a trail horse, there's a small paperback newly available on that needs to go with him. It's Basic Training for a Safe Trail Horse with subtitle of Eliminating the Fear Factors. It is a narrative with instruction about how to teach a horse to be as safe as possible on trails and to be a true companion.

GoonrGrrl said...

Awww. Snif. Please give Rudy a hug and carrot for me. I hope he finds his own human.