Tuesday, May 7, 2013

It's Elementary My Dear

Brita says I can count but I can’t add.

At the end of each ride, I get a treat.  It consists of three handouts.  Usually peanuts.

Handout (one...)
Unbuckle near side girth
Handout (two...)
Unbuckle off side girth
Handout (three...)
Remove saddle

The other day I got a special treat of celery. But it came in two pieces.  
This is unfair!  I work hard for these handouts!

Brita went and got some peanuts.  She gave me two hands full.  SHORTED AGAIN!
I will not stand for this!  I know my rights.  I get THREE!  No, that was NOT four.  That was TWO.

Exasperated, Brita went back for more peanuts.  One Two Three…
That’s more like it.

Brita says if I’m smart enough to count, I should be smart enough to add.
I got 7 handouts.  Ha Ha.  I may not know my Addition but I know my Manipulation.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The River Wild

I jumped a River!

It was the first river I ever saw.  Don't ask why, but this direction...

Was much more scary than this direction...

We gave up trying the first direction and went through a swampy area instead.  That was a much bigger deal for a horse who is allergic to Quick Sand.  Then on the way back we tried again.  I could see the gate to home right in front of me.  At first I thought I might leap the whole thing.  Brita thought that was a BAD idea.  Especially because I had my head way down examining the footing.  After I grazed on the bank for a few minute I screwed up enough courage to try stepping in.

Brita thought I might like to play in the water, but all I could see was that sheer precipice on the other side that I had to leap up.  When I got down in I realized there was water.  I like playing in water.  Maybe next time I will be able to think about something other than the cliff and actually enjoy myself.

Stay Tuned.