Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Out of the Frying Pan - Into the Fire

Today I shot off the poop list, and onto my own list. Brita says she has no idea what to call it.

Firstly, as I've said before, once I learn something I don't forget it. Today when Brita came to get me, I was standing at the gate with the chin piece of my halter chewed and hanging from each ring. I'm not telling how I do it. Obviously I don't have to have it off to chew it. It's my special secret. So, that aggravated her a little and she put me in my stall.

She clattered around the barn for awhile and then brought me out onto the crossties.... and I saw a...a...a vision. A Miracle. It was a baby horse.

Right there in my arena. Just like something out of a story book. I was so overwhelmed that I lost all composure. I threw up my tail, arched my neck and bellowed like a wild stallion. I was so inspired! I could barely hold myself together. Brita shoved me back into the grooming area and wrestled me onto the crossties. I couldn't even see straight. I bounced up and down and called to the little guy. Oh we could have so much fun together. I was making such a ruckus that Mom came down the aisle and had to hold my head. She and Brita conferred and decided I had lost my outside riding privileges for the day and maybe we should just concentrate on a good grooming while I regained my senses.

I couldn't even think about such things and continued to carry on. It took the crossties and Mom too to hold me in place. I even forgot my manners and cow kicked at Brita. Unfortunately for me, because of my poor behavior, she had a whip in her hand and I got a lickin. I should have thought about that. She had been rapping my ribs with the butt of the whip trying to keep from getting trompled and I never noticed it until I got laced with it. That sobered my up pretty quick. My 10 minute tantrum was over.

I think I got groomed, it's all sort of fuzzy. After awhile I got put back in my stall where I kicked and carried on. I think Brita went and played with the little colt without me. That made me very jealous and angry. I was so restless in my stall, she put me back out before she left. I ran all over looking for the little colt and smelling to see where he was, but he had vanished, like a mirage. Boy was I mad. I have had a very bad day.


Anonymous said...

That was delightful! I just adore reading Grey's tales!


SmartAlex said...

As I stood watching my normally mannerly mount rocketing around on the crossties, I just knew it wasn't my day.

God... grant me the serenity not to beat my horse when he may break his already battered halter,
The courage to take him by the nose and make him stand like a gentleman,
And the wisdom to know when to put stuff away and leave. ;)

Don't you just love that mad face?

GoonrGrrl said...

The AOT Serenity Prayer. I loff it!
We AOTs should have that one engraved on our walls! Excellent!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

I have to say Gray's antic's make me laugh! I have a gelding that is big ham bone also and he gets up to all kinds of mischief just like Gray...