Tuesday, March 17, 2009

It's easy to behave indoors, or "How I became acquainted with the Half-Halt"

What a gorgeous day! If you had been outdoors 5 times in 5 months, and you were faced with perfect footing and sunshine what would you do? Now I behaved myself perfectly this weekend, negotiating all of the slippery frozen mud at a walk on a loose rein, but today was a day for kicking up ones heels and celebrating!
Most often, when we go outside down the road, it is for recreation, not schooling! I can't imagine why anyone would want to do lessons on such a wonderful day with the open road beckoning, and a fresh spring wind. I tried to make suggestions to the itinerary like "Wouldn't it be a good time to practice our trot-canter transitions?" Or, "how about a nice Capriole?" but NoooOOoooo...
I did sort my feelings out and ultimately did everything requested as requested. Brita said the training session could have really fallen apart, and she gave the credit to my cooperative nature over her patience as a trainer. When we got back to the indoor, Uncle Dad had provided us with four ground poles. I've recently learned to walk over a wooden bridge so the idea of having to step over something on the ground wasn't entirely new to me. Still, when Brita rode me up the the poles I stopped and considered whether or not I had accommodated her cockamamie ideas enough for one day. She took it slow and patted my shoulder, so I decided to continue to humor her, and walked over the poles as requested.
When she turned me loose in the sand to roll, I ran right over and started chewing on the poles while she gathered them up and put them away. After all, I had to think of something naughty. If I am completely compliant she will forget that our relationship is based entirely on my willingness to cooperate.

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Quattro Pro said...

Man, the stuff these humans will make us poor horses STEP OVER. They made me walk over a white garden hose my very first day here!! That was mean!

I like your idea of BITING the poles. My human seems to think I'm going to jump them. She has another think coming. Chewing them seems like much more fun to me. And a lot less work.