Saturday, April 4, 2009

One Trick Pony

Today when Brita came out to get me, she first went to the corner storage and began to take out my pallet and the ground poles. The pallet I am using as a prop to learn to stand on a box. I have gotten quite good at it. Today the addition of the ground poles really interested me. I went and chewed on them a bit while she rolled them around and got them spaced to her satisfaction. Then she went and stood on my pallet in the middle of the arena. I remembered seeing those poles a few weeks ago. That was when she showed me how to walk over them. So, as soon as I saw them I knew what to do. I trotted right over all of them, then reported to center ring to get a piece of carrot. Brita laughed at me. She gave me a carrot, but she said poles were an exercise, not a trick and that I wouldn't be getting a reward each time. I went back and trotted over them again, and returned for a carrot. I got one the second time too, but after that, she shooshed me away and made me continue to "exercise". I don't think that's right. I think anything involving a prop ought to qualify as a trick and I ought to be paid accordingly. After I had my work out, she got off my pallet so I could earn some carrots. Here is a little video clip. Sorry it's so dark, but it was a dreary cold day, so it was dark inside.

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Leah said...

awesome! I love it!