Friday, January 30, 2009

So what's in your car trunk?

I've been doing Grey's shopping, collecting up stuff which I will haul into the barn on Saturday, and I have to laugh at what you can usually find in my car. You can always find my saddle, and a scrub brush to knock the sawdust etc off my boots before I get in, but presently my Totyota looks more like a feed truck. After a trip to TSC last night on the way home, then a UPS delivery, the contents of my trunk are... 40# of shredded beet pulp, 40# Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, 2.5# Aniflex GL, 8# Quitt, a bag of carrots and, of course, my saddle. Oh, and my dry cleaning.
Experience tells me I can get only two bales of shavings in the trunk, but 4 fit in the back seat. Yes, a long handled manure fork fits if you put the back seat down (aim the tines towards the back, not the front). I think this must be genetic. My mom can move 8 bales of hay with a Corolla. Or at least she could until I convinced her she would do better with a pickup. The hay barn is a quarter mile away, and she brings hay in from there when the weather is nice saving what's in the horse barn hay mow for the really bad weather. In case your wondering, three bales stuck in the trunk end wise, one bale on top of the trunk to hold them in, on on the back window, two on the roof, and one on the passenger side of the hood.

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Leah said...

Lol I love it! My car is like that to some degree- right now I think I have most of my work harness (all but the saddle which I'm using for long lining), a box with a blanket and a liner in it, and I usually have a bridle, halter, clippers, and often have a couple bags of feed in there. I used to drive a Mercury Grand Marquis and that thing had a MASSIVE trunk- I could literally carry everything I needed for a whole day at shows (english, western, and showmanship, plus buckets, grooming stuff and sheets/blankets, etc) in the trunk. That was AWESOME- I miss that trunk!