Saturday, January 10, 2009

Oops there goes the hat!

I was very well behaved for the farrier today. Of course, I had my human tapping me on the shoulder with the "persuader" the whole time to remind me to mind my manners. She even suggested I make a formal apology for my poor behavior last time when I kicked at him.
I did pull his stocking cap off. It was an honest mistake. I've been learning to pick up riding gloves when they are dropped, and I got all excited when she was telling him about my schooling, and I grabbed his hat by mistake. He was very understanding and said you really couldn't scold a young man for being so enthusiastic about his studies. I gave him back the hat.


GoonrGrrl said...

LOL, that's awesome! You taught him to pick up gloves? How???

SmartAlex said...

We are mid training on that one. He spends half his time with my gloves in his teeth anyway, so we're trying to re-channel.
I am working on having him #1 take the glove when I offer it to him #2 notice it is dropped, and reach down and touch it with his nose. So far those two behaviors are pretty easy, although he soon gets bored and just tries to steal the treat out of my pocket or bow for me instead. Yesterday I did get him to take a couple steps over to the tossed glove and touch it. When he gets that down pat, witholding the treat will raise his frustration until he starts messing with the glove on the ground trying to figure out what will trigger me to give up the carrot. Then I just need to get the behaviors linked in a set order. Command I'm using is "glove". I hope to develop also into "fetch". I think this trick would have been easier last year when he was still a bit more mouthy. It ought to be a good trick to try with a curious youngster like Quattro.