Friday, January 9, 2009

Help! I'm snowed in, I can't see the house!

Thank you everyone for your sympathies. My mouth is still a little sore this morning. I tink I bit ma tong.
Anyway, my Mom (that's my human's mom too, she's everybody's mom) put a blanket on me last night and coaxed me into eating some hot beet pulp. I'm still feeling a little frumpy. Everyone says I guess I didn't need so much happy juice like Hairy the Rhino did.
I hope I get my strength back before the farrier gets here tomorrow. I would hate for him to think I didn't want to play with him anymore.

Here's a note from my Mom to my human this morning. I think I am well cared for:

Morning Brita,
Billy is eating this morning and telling me he had a nightmare about a bomb in his mouth. He is such a sweet horse about everything, that having him feeling bad just messed with my heart bad yesterday.

He loved juicing his hot sugar beets this morning and now is eating his second crop hay. Late last evening I took the hay bag out of his stall. At 7:00pm he was trying to eat the tender hay but he mostly was having a hay bag butting game, he was still so uncomfortable he rooted his nose way into it and pulled hay out and dropped it etc. At 10:00pm when I took it out I thought he seemed improved and was picking at hay on the floor and I couldn't see any of the other second crop in the mix so figured he had eaten something. He was very well bedded and he still has Walker's blanket on. He liked my forehead caresses this morning and had stopped nickering out of distress.

Note: I do that little low nicker thing when I am worried or sick. I can really get my human's going when I do that. They get all fluttery and give me hugs and cookies.

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