Thursday, January 8, 2009

New Year Hewlfth Chckup

Sorry, I can't talk correctly right now. I'm a little sedaytd...sedated. My human has this awful tendancy to address all preventative health maintenance first thing in the new year. A couple of days ago I got a dose of that icky orange worm medicine, and The Vet was just here to do my teeth. I haven't had them done in almost 4 years, when I was a just a youngster and had some wolf teeth knocked out. Now THAT was awful. This was merely unpleasant and the drugs make me knid of woozy. I practically had to be carried back to my stall.
I blame it all on Hairy. He bit his tongue the other day, and has been whining ever since.... spitting his food out, tossing his head around, banging on the walls...My human said she had been trying to coordinate a proper dentist visit for everyone for months, and since Hairy had demonstrated the risk of putting that off, and the tools were out, I'd better have mine done too.
Now she tells me the farrier is also scheduled. But, that's OK. I like playing with that guy. My human was present for my last reset, and she was aghast at my behavior. She said everyone has been letting me behave badly, and she was ashamed of me. She said I would have to learn to stand politely... I'm a little concerned because she schedule the farrier for Saturday when she can be around the barn.


SmartAlex said...

Testing 1-2-3....

GoonrGrrl said...

I feel your pain, Mr. Pendleton, sir. I hate dentists too.

But as far as the farrier is concerned... Take it from a human: sooner or later you are going to run into a Mean Old Farrier who can't take a joke. They can HURT you. So repeat after me The Eleventh Commandment for Equines: "Thou Shalt Not F*&^ with the Farrier!"

Now that you've memorized it, would you please tell Quattro? I understand he thinks he's funny too.


Tiffani B said...

Poor Grey horse. Carson had his teeth done, his sheath cleaned AND his shots all in one day. So he can sympathize.