Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bitting Rigs and Curb Shanks

Don't you think it is a little early in the year to end our stint as couch potatoes? I have had the bitting rig on twice this week. I admit I was a little reluctant to open my mouth for the bit at all since the last time I did someone strapped on a speculum and shoved a file in there. Not a pleasant experience.
I do appreciate, however, the fact that we eased back to work with the big fat rubber bit. That part was OK. But, it was the pelham one because, I am told, I should learn to work in a curb bit as part of my higher education. How about this? I agree to not put up much of a fuss, if we can agree not to do this too often. I know the reins weren't on the curb, but just having that curb chain dangling and jingling gives me the creeps. And the shanks twitch my wiskers and make me sneeze. But really, I think I did better than usual and handled the whole affair with dignity.

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