Wednesday, January 21, 2009


I'm going to take over Grey's blog for a minute for a rider update. Yesterday I was feeling bad about putting Grey in the bitting rig for 5 minutes and actually making him work his neck. That is, I felt bad for him until I went to my first yoga/pilates class last night, and now I feel bad for me instead. I knew my left leg was stronger and more flexible than my right. I just didn't realize how much stronger my whole left side is. Also, I couldn't balance on my right foot. At. All.
Maybe side saddle really is the seat for me! I wouldn't have to use my right side at all!
I'm wondering how sore I will be tomorrow. Right now, the only parts that ache are my left hip, my right shoulder. My abs and lower back are OK. So far. I wonder how Grey's neck is feeling today. I guess we both need to start getting back into shape in anticipation of good weather.

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Leah said...

ah ha! I see we have started something. ;) You will probably never be equal in your strength, just due to the fact that you're a human and have to use your body in certain, unbalanced ways for every day life. Now Grey on the other hand- he's got a chance at being somewhat balanced. Don't feel bad for him (sorry Grey, cover your ears), my old trainer used to tie her horses around for up to an hour! (like, head to cinch or halter to tail- and tight- crazy!) I think it's good also to do some single sided tie arounds for shorter periods of time once in a while- I like to tie around to both sides, but more to the side they're tight on to stretch out the neck and back. But not super tight like my old trainer, and not for very long- and supervised as they can get into trouble if they're not used to it. Don't just always check them up and straight back- that's like only working your biceps because they look cool, but never your triceps (which are actually more important). Not only is checking to the side good for suppling but it can help softening the mouth just like a traditional bitting rig.