Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dear Human....

Pick up your own damned glove. Didn't your mother teach you to pick up after yourself? Maybe you yourself would benefit more from this game of fetch. Yes, I have noticed those 10 extra pounds you are expecting me to haul around. Why don't you.... wait a minute... did you say cookie?


GoonrGrrl said...

Haha, HRH Avery wouldn't even do it for a cookie!

I did finally figure out "Well, OK, do it so there's something in it for HIM" and I tossed him a Coke bottle to pick up instead.

He grabbed it and exited stage left. :-P

SmartAlex said...

I admit we stood still, gazing into the horizon and ignoring each other (and the glove) for a good five minutes before I decided he either didn't like this particular glove(remembered not to wear my newly laundered crochet backed ones today) or he just needed a more controlled environment. So, we moved to the cross tie area, and he was much more willing to humor me. When he gets fed up, he tosses it.