Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spring is coming!

First you turn grey, and then your hair falls out... it's a familiar progression.
I have begun to get very itchy, and my hair is starting to come out. Brita says this is a good thing since it's all dirty and grungy anyway, and my winter coat resembles an O possum, and she makes that sound like a bad thing.

My friend Copy, the barn queen, started shedding three weeks ago, and has been getting all the attention because she is pregnant, and Brita says there are a lot of hard to reach places on a pregnant mare. I figured I had better let loose. After all, February is almost over.

When I was turned out this morning, I went to a sunny spot near the door, dug up some fresh sand and had a good waller. Then Brita took me back to the grooming area, and got out that Dirt Devil thing and got the worst of the dust off. The hair was starting to billow all over and stick to things, so she gave that up and got out two of the best rubber currys to loosen stuff up.

So, the next couple of weeks will be very itchy, and we will spend more time grooming than exercising. The only up side is I will loose all the white chicky-fluff on either side of my forelock that everyone teases me about, and hopefully the clipper tracks on my cheek will fade. Finally...Spring is coming!


Leah said...

isn't it funny how horses begin at different times? My friend's QH started 3 weeks ago too, and Louie hasn't started yet (well I suppose he HAS been wearing a blanket all winter, lol). Of course, we just got 4 inches of fresh snow dumped on us last night, so I would want to hang on to it too! I just love grey's coat- absolutely the most beautiful dappled grey color! It certainly must look better in the winter than all of our chestnut horses that turn a lovely burned orange color. . . lol

Anonymous said...

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