Wednesday, February 4, 2009

25 Things About Me

I heard of this game and thought it might be fun to try. In fact, I thought it might be fun if all my Blog-Buddies would try it too. If you don't want to do 25 things, maybe you could do 10 or 15 instead.

  1. I was an embryo transfer foal.
  2. I received my basic education at Melinda Moore’s stable in Kentucky.
  3. I was sold through Tattersalls as a two year old when my Mom went to buy a broodmare. I was purchased by my Mom because I reminded everyone in the family so much of their first Saddlebred, a grey named “Star”.
  4. I am 16.3 hands tall and wear a size two shoe.
  5. Even though I’m grey and you can’t tell, I was born chestnut, have a white stripe on my forehead, and my left hind hoof is lighter although I don’t have any socks.
  6. I have an old scar on my right hamstring, and while I don’t remember what it’s from, I’m still very uptight about anyone messing about with that leg.
  7. I haven’t been trailered much. I rode like a champ all the way from Kentucky to New York, but nowadays I get claustrophobic having to stand still for long and tend to kick the walls.
  8. I like to play in water, but I don’t like baths much. Running through mud is no big deal.
  9. I am very level headed when experiencing new things and tend to take them all in stride, even sudden noises.
  10. I HATE wearing a crupper and because of this have never learned to pull a cart. I am, however, very well educated under saddle and in lines.
  11. My favorite treat is pears, but I’ll eat almost anything and I know how to drink out of glass.
  12. When I get frustrated, I lick my chest.
  13. When I don’t feel good, or think you might poke me with a needle or something, I will give you a low wuffling nicker just to make sure we’re still friends and you will take care of me.
  14. I LOVE to gallop. I’d rather gallop than trot any day, and I can do a fancy little canter.
  15. Two years ago I went to a horse show, and in my first class I got last, but the next day I had it figured out, and I won a blue ribbon.
  16. My favorite scratchy place is my throat right between my jawbones.
  17. Curb shanks tickle my whiskers and make me sneeze.
  18. I know three tricks. I can bow, pick up something if you drop it, and nod my head yes.
  19. Sometimes I forget my manners and bite. Really I just want to play, and I forget it hurts.
  20. My best horse friend is Rudy the Quarter Horse whose stall is right next to the arena doors. We play over the gate a lot and sometimes he ruins my halter.
  21. When I was younger I fell into a hole and hurt myself. Now I am verrrry careful about where I step.
  22. When I go outside in the summer, I like to lay in the warm sand and make sand castles.
  23. I am really good about the barn routine, and can handle clippers, and people sweeping under me, and tractors driving in front of me, but the steam out of the wash bucket still worries me.
  24. My head might not look big, but my noggin is very wide and I have a hard time finding a bridle to fit me.
  25. My best human friend is Brita. She teaches me lots of stuff and always makes sure I have fun and have everything I need.

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