Saturday, April 25, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Winter is officially Over! I got a bath today. Not a bubble bath, but a pretty good bath, and my tail washed. It was warm and windy and I got to eat grass until I dried which was wonderful. First I had to do some work. Brita had that baby horse out and about. That made me jealous, and it fueled my wild stallion instincts and I had ideas of rounding up a herd of mares and exerting my dominance. Brita says that's just silly. I have to business dominating anything... we'll see. So, first she made me run around to get me out of my wild stallion mode. She put down the ground poles again, then she made the last one about as high as my knees. The first time I tripped over it because I had no idea "ground poles" could be that high. Pretty soon I had it figured out and was jumping over it easily. That was a lot more work than just running around aimlessly, and I got worn out pretty quickly and was ready to be done. That's when I got my bath. She washed a lot of dirt out of me that I will just have to put back tomorrow. I don't mind baths anymore, but the water running down my legs tickles and makes me stomp. She had even cleaned my chewed up halter so it's shiny again and put the new one she had to buy away so I can't ruin it. I'm all polished up and ready for summer.

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