Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dentists.... again

You may remember that my first ever blog was about my dental checkup. Well, it happened again today. I must admit, I feel much much better today than I did last time. Whatever happy juice they gave my in January really kicked my butt! But, someone took notes (thanks Mom!)and that didn't happen this time. In fact, I remained quite alert through the whole procedure. Which had it's downside too.

They were really quite nice ladies, not the same ones that came before, and they came with a lot of stuff. They put a tape around me and gave me a poke in the neck. I was a little jumpy and snorty, but kept my feet still. It's hard to be rock solid when a strange lady is moving around you with sharp things. You have to be alert because they might not know what they're doing. Then I was led into the crossties where Brita turned me over to the "Nice Doctor". They put a tie down on my head (which was a new experience but OK by me) then they cranked my mouth open and came out with a machine on a cord. You all know how I hate cords. The machine was long and shiny, and it buzzed and whirred. It looked really sharp and painful and had a rotating disc on the end.

I arched my neck and made big snorty noises. The ladies got a little nervous sounding, and made soothing noises. Brita said "don't worry, I vacuum him and clip him, and he's fine." The "Nice Doctor" asked warily "Does he make that noise when you vacuum him?" Yes, he's snorty. "Can you clip his ears?" Then the vote of confidence from my so called friend "You can do anything you want to as long as you're quiet with him." Well thanks a lot. "Anything" covers a lot of ground. They might want to take me apart piece by piece with that little hacksaw. I don't care how quietly they do it, I'm not sticking around for it!

But they sounded reassuring, and they reminded me what a good boy I was, and how handsome, so I let them put the shiny, sharp, buzzing machine in my mouth. It tickled a little, and sounded funky in my head, but it was nowhere near as traumatic as the rasp and file routine I went through last time. I hardly even got tense. Until they started dulling down my eye teeth with a little file. Those are a little sensitive. Still, they said I was an excellent patient and gave me five stars for my great behavior in spite of the sound effects.

It was over soon enough, and they took off all the straps and let me rinse. Then they put my bridle on and made me say "Aaaahhhh" and felt around. They made some adjustments and put their heads together and talked a lot and felt around some more. After the bridle conference, I went back to my stall and got tied to the wall because I'm not supposed to eat until the medicine wears off. But, really, I feel pretty chipper. It was only a minor inconvenience. I don't mind it if they come back now and then.

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