Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Sites You See When You Live in the Country

Because it rained quite a bit yesterday and made the arena all soggy again, I got to go back out on the road today. There sure was a lot going on in the neighborhood. First we went East into unchartered territory where I had to bravely face 3 or 4 barking dogs. Then we went back to the West, and when we topped the hill I saw a new site. It was two Belgians pulling a logging forecart headed to the woods to work. They looked just like this....
I stopped and stared a bit. I wasn't sure I wanted to share the road with that contraption. So, Brita let me go over into the field and watch from a safe distance. They even stopped to talk a bit. They stared at me as if they had never seen a fancy white horse before.

Then when we went past the dairy barns there were Amish all over taking a lunch break from working on the barns. There was a buggy horse tied to the hay wagon that looked a bit like it had just seen a ghost. Wonder why? When we turned around to go back, we saw in the distance that one of the Amishmen had come out to the road to watch me go by. I wonder if it was the same man who tried to buy my friend Hairy last night? Hairy didn't seem to understand what it would mean to have to go work for the Amish for a living. At least I'm safe from going to the Amish. I'm too hard to keep clean!

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