Thursday, April 9, 2009

Little Pink People... or maybe it was the Easter Bunny?

Today we had visitors at the barn. I showed off all my tricks. I was feeling very sassy and added a lot of bucks and spins for effect as I ran around the arena. Mom threatened to sell me to the circus when they come to town. Brita set up my pallet, and a single pole so I could jump over it. I picked up her gloves, and did a very spectacular bow. Everyone complimented me, and fed me carrots. One of the visitors was very tiny and dressed all in pink. She wanted to pet me and sit on my back. But, when she was raised up to pat my neck I was frightened and snorted and shook so the plan was immediately abandoned. Brita teased me. She said I never acted like that when she picked up towels and Dirt Devils and touched me with them. Why would I be so afraid of a bunch of pink quilting?
Well, I don't know how dumb a horse is supposed to be, but even I could tell that inside all that pink quilting was something alive. I just don't think it's wise to let unidentifiable alive pink things sit on me. Mom said not to feel too bad, even the rooster fled to the coop in terror of the little pink person. The fact that the baby horse was not afraid does not prove how brave he is, it only illustrates the naivety of youth.

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