Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Strawberry Fields Forever

I discovered the most wonderful new fruit today! Mom took me with her to get the mail out of the box, and on the way back, she stopped at the berry patch. Well I didn't know that was there! Those are wonderful!

Brita stopped by while we were moseying around the yard, and she suggested we have lunch in the trailer again. I helped open it up and looked in all the doors while Mom got my lunch. I hopped right in because I knew there would be lunch in there. But as I was quietly eating my lunch, Mom went around and closed me in. That made me very nervous. My breathing got shallow, and I tensed up. I bounced off the walls a little, but Brita soothed me and reminded me about lunch, so I didn't try to kick my way out. After a bit, the back opened up again. I thought about rushing out, but Mom and Brita reminded me to "whoa" so I composed myself and stood still. Then Brita told me I could get out. She offered to let me finish my lunch there, but I grabbed the bucket and yanked it away. "I think we ought to finish lunch over here. Away from the dangerous Horse Transporter Device."

Afterwards, we went to the barn for some doctoring. My neck still hurts from my shots. I have a big lump there. Brita says it looks like I swallowed a golf ball. Yesterday it looked like I swallowed a baseball, so today was better. Everyone has been very worried, and have been taking my temperature, and putting ice on my neck. I hate ice. Its...well...cold. Yesterday the Doctor even stopped to see me. He said I should be OK. I really don't think the fair is worth this pain in the neck. They have great food there, fried dough, and cotton candy. But, they don't have strawberries!

P.S. It has been raining an awful lot here. I think I may be molding. I don't know, does this look like mold to you?

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