Saturday, July 25, 2009

Jonah and the Whale

We practiced Trailer loading again today. And I think I've figured out what was scaring me before. I felt like that poor guy Jonah who got swallowed by the whale. Today, Brita had taken the stalls out of the inside of the trailer. That meant that I could move around more freely. Still, when Mom started to close up the back, I all of a sudden felt as if I was being swallowed whole. But this time, I was able to turn around and see what was closing up behind me. It was only a door, and not the mouth of a monster after all. That instantly made me feel better. I calmed down quite a bit. I even got on the trailer the second time without having to be bribed with lunch. I think this trailering thing might turn out OK after all.

Of course I was sort of tired anyway. When we went for a ride this morning, I saw this awful pile of ROCKS.

I saw them from outside the fence on the roadside a good 50 feet before we got there. I stopped right away and skittered to the other side of the road. When Brita insisted I go on, I bucked and skittered back. That made her really mad and she made me trot a whole mile before I got to rest. After that I was a little better behaved. The rocks were right before the place where the wildebeasts were and I was afraid maybe some monsters were hiding in them. They sure look like a monster hiding place don't they? Probably trolls. I wouldn't want to go trip-trapping over any troll bridges.

On the way back, I was ready for the rocks again, but Brita was already pre-mad, and she called me a bad name and said "stop looking for the #$&@ rocks!" So I looked where I was going instead and missed the rocks on the way back. The good new is, I completely forgot to be afraid of the hay wagon. Then, just before we got home, I got my opportunity to make up for the hay wagon. I saw a motorcycle coming. I've been waiting to encounter one of these creatures face to face for months. Brita apparently didn't see it, or was pretending she didn't see it, and went on ignoring it. But I saw it from a ways away. I always do. It was going real slow, but I got more and more excited as it got closer. When it went by, I bucked twice, and skittered. Brita called me a bad name again. But that was OK, because I was over it, and I sauntered the rest of the way home like I was always a well behaved horse. You have to keep up the well behaved act, otherwise, you will never take them by suprise.

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