Friday, July 24, 2009

Rainy Day Project

Today was a very stormy rainy day, and I have my shoe off again (it wasn't my fault... honest) so we did a rainy day project. Cornell University is doing an Equine Genetics study and Brita signed me up. It involves measuring me all over with a tickly yellow tape, sending in my pictures, and some tail hair. At first I was suspicious of the tickly yellow tape, but I couldn't really see it. She put it between my eyes, and around my nose and neck. All the while I was trying to get an eyeball on it, but I couldn't so I gave up and stood still. When she measured my chest, I thought she wanted a hug and I kept getting my head in the way. She measured everything. What I did learn is that I am built uphill. My shoulders are almost two inches higher than my hips, and after several tries it was decided I am definitely an honest 16.3 hh now. And my tailbone is five inches shorter than Copy's tailbone. And that since I'm so hard and fit, my tummy is barely bigger than my girth. For the finale, she put cookies on the floor and made me stretch down so she could measure my neck. Cookies don't belong on the floor! I kept looking for them midway down, and in her pockets. I almost didn't believe her when she said they were on the floor. I guess the five second rule applies, but really, I prefer my cookies not to be on the floor. Don't we have any buckets or anything? Ptthhhewy! Anyway, she signed up a couple of my stablemates, so we'll see how we all measure up to one another, and prove once and for all who has the littlest ears, the flatest back and the broadest chest.

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