Saturday, June 27, 2009

My Picnic Lunch

I had a picnic lunch out under the tree today. Yesterday I got my shot so I was feeling a little pitiful again today. I stepped short on the leg nearest where I got jabbed so Brita could see how awful I felt. So instead of real work she offered to take my on a picnic lunch. Actually what she thought she was doing was training me to get in the horse trailer. I know how to get in. I just don't like it in there, and I don't want to be there. And every time I get in, it lets me out somewhere strange.
She brought a bag of carrots, and offered them to me if I would step on the ramp. The ramp is a lot like my trick platform that I put all four feet on. So, I put all four feet on the ramp, ate my carrot, and then got off. Simple enough. The trailer is parked under a shady tree, and I would much rather have stood out there and eaten grass. She tried to coax me onto the trailer, and I stood and pouted because she was being very stingy with the carrots.
Then she decided we should have lunch. It was getting pretty near lunchtime by then. So she sent Mom for a pail of grain. Well that was great! I got right in the trailer to eat my lunch. At first, I was suspicious, so I would take a bite then back off to the ramp to chew. But it didn't look like the trailer was going to drive off during lunch, so soon I got quite comfy, and we all stood in the trailer in the shade and had lunch. When I was done, I got right back off. No sense hanging out in there and risk getting transported somewhere scary.


Leah said...

nice! are those carrots already from this year's garden?? Wow! They look awesome! I bet mine are teeny tiny little things. . . I'll have to check now. :)

SmartAlex said...

No, that photo is two years old!

Leah said...

oh okay, good, that doesn't make me feel like I'm so far behind now lol