Sunday, July 19, 2009

My First Public Performance

I made my debut as a public entertainer this morning!! I was getting anxious to come in, though I had all my fly protection armor on. Mom was stalling on taking me in as she watered her vegetable garden, but I was emphatic and rowdy. Then I saw a small car slow down and an older couple watching my antics. The car had a little guy with a funny hat on. Soooo, I decided I should entertain while the audience was ready!!! I leaped in the air with all four feet evenly lofted three feet in the sky and made the spin of arrogance and the big double hoofed kick to the heavens!! Impressive it was, especially with my silver armor on. Then Mom came to rescue me, since I was being such a devil. She asked me to bow for my audience, which I did, then she elegantly waved and exited with me. We make quite a team I think. I hope the people had a nice Sunday drive.

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