Sunday, August 9, 2009

And then it began to rain....

Almost any story I might tell you about this week could have that phrase in it. It has been pouring on and off all day. Last month, we only had 7 days with no rain. This month, I think they have all had rain. Today it rained and stormed so hard that it was almost as black as night outside. This is the weekend I was supposed to be at the fair. Brita seems pretty content about not going. Partly because it has been raining and storming all weekend, and partly because the problem that caused her to not want to go is pretty much solved.

Yesterday I went for a trailer ride around the block. Everyone has been getting rides. Little baby Ace and his Mom went for a ride so he would understand about riding. When they got back, I was crying my heart out over being left behind. So, Brita loaded me up in the trailer, shut me in there alone, and drove away! I wasn't real happy. First I stomped around. There was plenty of room since all of the insides have been removed, and it is basically a large rubber walled box. My head was tied to the side (which I don't particularly like). Then I worked up to a good solid thumping with my front feet. Brita completely ignored me and kept on driving.

I pounded for someone to rescue me, but no one came. After a few minutes, we got to a town. There was some pretty interesting scenery going by outside the window, so I quieted down to watch. We didn't go too fast, and it wasn't hard to keep my balance, but I still had a bad feeling about being so confined. Before I knew it, we were home. As expected, I'd worked myself into a lather. Brita opened the side door, and I was so glad to see her. She untied me while Mom opened up the back doors. I was so excited to see daylight I would have bolted right out, but Brita had me cleverly wedged with my butt in the corner, and her elbow in my neck so I couldn't get away. She made me walk politely down the ramp. What a relief to be home in one piece!

I grazed in the lawn a little until I had relaxed, then we went back inside the trailer. I got to turn around so I could look out the back doors, and I settled in to investigate a bit. Maybe I'll get used to riding. I already feel better about it since they took the tight stalls out and gave me more room. I feel relaxed enough about it that I will walk right up the ramp without a big fuss anymore. I don't see how some horses manage to travel all over the countryside competing in shows and races. I think I'd be a nervous wreck. I'm glad it doesn't happen every day.


Leah said...

Have you tried trailering him loose in the trailer like a big box stall? A lot of horses are more comfortable when they can turn around and ride backwards. Louie's breeder has cameras in her trailer and she said that her horses always turn around and ride backwards when trailering loose. Must just be easier to balance that way. Perhaps if Grey is more comfortable trailering that way, he'll get over his dislike of the trailer quicker, then you can gradually teach him to be tied inside. ??? Just an idea. Sounds like he's really coming along- at least he gets in! Most horses who don't like trailering don't even get that far. ;)

SmartAlex said...

Yes, we were talking about that. First I want him comfortable enough staying in there so I'm confident he won't come pouring out the escape door when I go in to get him out! When I opened the door Saturday, I thought he was going to jump up and give me a hug he was so happy to see someone! I'm not used to this whole stock trailer concept yet.