Sunday, June 21, 2009

Under the Weather

I've been feeling rather under the weather for a few days... and my what weather it has been! We got so much rain yesterday that everything flooded except our stalls. Which was a good thing, because I was home sick in mine. You really don't want a wet bed when you're sick.

A few days ago the vet came and gave me one of the shots I need to go to The Fair. It made me feel yucky, and made my neck so stiff and sore I couldn't even reach down to eat grass. I stood outside and chewed wood because that was all I could reach. So Mom put me to bed. Then she gave me another shot. That really upset me because I was already feeling rotten, and she poked me in the other side of my neck!

I went and stood in the corner and stomped my feet. How could she do such a thing? But she was right, the second pokey made me feel a lot better, and I was able to eat hay from my hay net and watch the rain. They say I have to have some more before I'm all up to date and ready to go.

I was feeling much better today, but I had been in bed sick for so many days and waiting for the water to dry up (even in the indoor arena) that my ankles were starting to get stiff and puffy. I hadn't been for a ride since last Monday, but Brita came and took me out on the road, and pretty soon we had worked everything loose again. We went the same way as the day we saw the wildebeasts. I didn't see any today. Brita said they were there so we stopped short. No sense getting everyone all out of sorts on such a nice quiet day. She went back and took a picture of the actual wildebeasts to you could see just how wild and scary they really were.

Here is what they looked like when I first saw them, where I ran the fastest furlong in Saddlebred history.

See this one lurking in the underbrush? She looks very sinister.

I'm sure glad I didn't have to face them again today!

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