Friday, June 12, 2009

"The Horse"

I'm going to hijack Grey's blog for a moment for some reflection....

Today as I was riding, I was thinking that Grey might qualify as my "dream horse", my once in a lifetime horse. He possesses that unique "constellation of attributes" that none of my other horses has had. He is Saddlebred, dapple grey, tall, smart as a whip... we get along. Often you will get a horse that seems to remind you of all the best traits of horses you have known. Of all the horses I've had, he reminds me most of a horse I had growing up, who was registered Appaloosa, but was also, big, grey, smart, and actually a hodge-podge of ranch horse, Anglo-Arab, and just enough App thrown in to get the papers. But Grey's advantage is that he's Saddlebred, and has been mine since his early formative years.
After our pleasant gallop over my rain-soaked hayfields, I returned to the barn where Mom told me about the Amish coming to see the horses. We have quite a few Amish friends, and they are always curious about our horses. Actually, I think they are just as curious about two "english" women running around in tank tops feeling the legs of their buggy horses, dolling out Bute in applesauce to get a sore one home, and discussing breeding principles... like artificial insemination. All in all, quite enlightening for our Amish guys.

Anyway, Mosey had come to the house on some business about the big cow barns Mom is having the Amish restore. He asked to see the horses, and after a tour, Mom brought Grey out, and showed off his parlor tricks. Mosey was quite intrigued, and admired both Grey's conformation and his training. He thought he was big and impressive. Mom said as she led Grey off to his stall, Mosey was quiet for a moment than he said in his slow German drawl... "Yes... that's The Horse."

He didn't continue to elaborate on his comment at all. Mom said she didn't know exactly what he meant for a moment. She had just shown him four other nicely built, big, pretty Saddlebreds. What was he singling out about this one? I think anyone who has met Grey in person would have understood what Mosey was seeing.

"Yes, " Mom agreed, as she closed the stall door... "that's The Horse."


GoonrGrrl said...

Lovely story. Grey would be any ASB sport horse fan's idea of "THE Horse"! Poor Q. needs to grow a few inches before he'll be my "THE horse". He might make it. Or not. :-P

Leah said...

great story. He is a super cool horse in so many ways. What a great bond- I don't think most people are lucky enough to find and own their perfect horse.

randi said...

hmmm a very remarkable story dude, great