Thursday, June 24, 2010

Under Attack

There is something trying to get into the barn and eat me. I don't think that closing the doors and windows will help because it's trying to come right through the wall. It's creeping me out. And it's elusive. I sent Brita out to try to get a good look at it, and like most unidentifiable monsters, it refuses to be photographed. I think it may be related to Big Foot .


Grey Horse Matters said...

I have no idea what kind of bird that is. But could it be a woodpecker? They actually pecked a hole right through my wooden lamppost one year.

SmartAlex said...

Yes, it appears to be a Hairy Woodpecker. but, it sounds like a jack hammer on the arena wall. The fiberglass sort of picks it up and amplifies the vibration. It amazes me that those little guys don't get head aches.

Jason said...

We have one that pecks on the side of our house occasionally. It's so loud (and so unexpected) that I often get a good look at my heart as it exits my mouth and beats in front of my face.