Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Melting...melting....

At what temperature does horse begin to melt? How about sizzle?
It’s so awfully hot and I feel sticky. The flies are bitey and the grass is either dry and tasteless or wilted and tasteless.

Every one is cranky. Today Brita tied me to the wall again and attacked me with a water hose. She claims to have only wanted to shampoo my tail, but I admit I still have some trouble standing still when tied, and the situation escalated until I was soaking wet from my ears to my toes, and there was a dry, horse-shaped spot on the arena wall. Everything else in the vicinity was soaking wet.

Once I realized it was only water, I felt better about it, and even splashed it with my lips. It didn’t feel half bad. But afterwards I had drippies running down my legs and pooling under my tummy and it made me itchy and wiggly all over again. My tail did turn out fluffy and white.

Another big problem is that the wind machines are stalking me and blowing their hot breath on me every where I go. It makes me nervous.

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Bif said...

I was "melted" yesterday... then dinner, and fly sprayed, then grass.

Sure, it's hot, but I just ate in the shade. I feel a break in the weather coming... I hope it reaches New York for you.