Friday, April 30, 2010

P.S.A. for our friends at Saddlebred Rescue

Saddlebred Rescue is very motivated to move some horses. Each week they are having to turn away more horses who are being shipped to slaughter because they are out of room. They have pledges to help with adoption fees and from what I understand, no reasonable offer will be refused.

Here is their page of available rescues: Available Everything from show ring candidates, to proven lesson horses to personal trail horses... Each horse has been evaluated and is receiving training by SBR's resident trainer.

In addition Hogan the horse with the huge heart is available as a pasture ornament for a $0 fee. The Amish called and wanted him to be picked up by SBR because they did not want him to go to slaughter. He was pulling a buggy 60 miles a day. Hogan's wind is broken, and he is not a very enjoyable ride (he's very game, and I guess he would have to be to go 60 miles a day). He needs to be a lawn mower. If a home cannot be found, he will be humanely destroyed in two weeks. This fella deserves a good retirement home. He has done his best and paid his dues.
Please spread the word. If anyone is interested in adopting and lightening their load so they will have room to help new horses in need, please call Pat Johnson at 908-304-3560

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Pony Girl said...

So sad. I love what I read on SBR and what they do for Saddlebreds! I respect the Amish, but hate how the horses are kind of tossed aside after they are used up after a life on the road. I mean, I don't feel so bad about trading in my car. But a living animal.....
I hope Hogan is able to find a home!