Thursday, April 29, 2010

The Blustery Day

Spring has been winding on with beautiful sunny days, and quite a bit of breeziness. Today was blustery, and I was feeling very fresh, so to avoid getting me all sweaty and deal with the grooming issues, we opted for a quick jaunt around the fields (short version) and we took the camera along so you could see what we see. Ready?

This is my first view south across the valley towards Pennsylvania (furthest set of hills). We are on the border between Mom's cornfield (to the left) and the family farm hay fields (to the right). Up ahead is the cow pasture.

And I think I see my cows. They hang out here in the corner where there is about 20 feet of old fencing between the cowlane gate and the corner. I think they are scoping it out and deciding whether or not to make a break for it.

Hello Cows. (this is as close as I like to get just in case they do make a break for it. I don't want to be involved.)

To the right (and west) is the family farm. That where we see all the Amish. They have been working on the barns for more than a year now. The barns belong to Mom, and Uncle Dad. That's where we keep all the extra horse hay, and where I am told, the cow operation will be located when it gets bigger. Just beyond the barns (look just to the right of them through the trees) is my field where I like to gallop. That field belongs to Brita.

And so do these trees and the pasture beyond. You can see the road. It divides the family hay fields from Brita's land. That road is nice to trot up and down because it is fairly flat and doesn't have too much traffic. Brita makes me work on that road. But sometimes I get to gallop there.

So we've gone down by the barns, trotted along that road, rounded the corner of the fields to the right and are headed back to the top of the hill where we began. We like to make a big loop of these hay fields. On blustery days when you can't hear traffic coming, they are the safest place to be. We are lucky to have plenty of wide open spaces so we can see traffic coming a long ways away, and if some scary farm machinery or something heads in our direction, we can get off the road into the field. Traffic doesn't bother me much, but when goes past at 45 miles per hour only a few feet away, I get a bit anxious. If there is so little as a ditch and some field between the speeding car and my precious cargo, I ignore it completely. At this house, there are lots of sites to see. The lady who lives there is usually working outside, and I like to stop and watch her. Today she was planting something in her vegetable garden. Hi Lady.

And then we finish up with a stroll through the woods across the road. This is a good spot for cooling off. In the summer it is cool and shady. Right now the leaves are just starting to open.

Well, it was nice having you come with us. See you soon.


Bif said...

~Mother in~ Thanks for taking me on a ride with you, Grey!

Bif ~ Why do people insist we work on all of that nice grass? It would be much more sensible to just eat.

Jason said...

Looks like a grand ride across your kingdom, WP (!) with pretty views and a well tended farm to keep your eyes busy ! All across the north country and in Canada too, the best farms slope slightly to the south to warm up and dry out quickly in the spring. Mostly the rows are planted north to south also; better to catch the full benefit of the sunshine especially for grain corn which takes all season to mature.