Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making Waffles

I've been cooking this month ~ and waffles are on the menu. Hair Waffles. I've been so warm in my winter coat. Finally it's coming off in big chunks. We left a trail in the yard of hair waffles when I went out to pick grass. The birds were happy, and started carrying some off.

But wouldn't you know it, some of the nights are still cold. The Doctor came on Friday to get some horse juice, and he also gave me a poke in the neck. It made me feel lousy. I was stiff and sore and grumpy. Mom got out my winter blanket and tucked me in for the cold nights. That made me feel better. But now my blanket is a mess. This is what it looked like even after a good brushing. So Mom is off to the laundromat.

There has been some progress on my pasture. The farmer came back with a different piece of equipment, squeezed through my gate, and fluffed my dirt. I've been very sad that I can't go to the pasture to play. Mom let me out there at first, but I ate great big wads of dirt. It was so easy. I guess she was afraid I would get filled up on wiggly earth worms. But when the Doctor came he took away some poop, and he looked for worms. He said he couldn't find any, earth worms or other kinds either. So I don't have to eat any nasty paste this spring. I think it is much wiser to spend money on poop tests instead of icky paste.

So the back pasture looks like a farm. The farmer guy has been very busy around here, kicking up dust in all the fields. And there were lots of rocks out there in those fields, some nearly as big as my head. A big herd of Mexeecans swarmed through and picked all the rocks. I wonder if they store them in the barn? Rocks don't seem like a very good crop. Even I wouldn't eat a rock.


Leah said...

Very nice Grey! Perhaps Brita is going to plant carrots on that field for you. ;)

I think she's doing a good job with the poop checks. I've been doing them for Louie myself and it's going well- just waiting to hear back from the vet on whether I'm catching all of the bad worm eggs in my checks or if I need to go back to school haha. She could probably get set up to do her own poop checks pretty easily, I'll help her get started if you want! :) Sorry to say that she may still want to give you yucky paste twice a year anyways though, to cover for tapeworms, which don't show up on regular poop checks. But hey, twice a year isn't half bad!

SmartAlex said...

Mmmmmm... carrots! I'd even setle for celery, but I hear it's hard to grow. Maybe though, the field sure is moist enough.