Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement: Welcome Home Miracle

Paradigm Farms Horse Retirement: Welcome Home Miracle: "Today Miracle had an ending and a beginning. Her time at Sunkissed Acres came to an end today. Lori, the founder of Sunkissed Acres Rescue, ..."

The Grey Horse would like to take a moment to congratulate a fellow Grey Horse, "Miracle" on her good fortune in life and say "Good on you" to our friends Melissa and Jason at Paradigm Horse Farm for doing their part in the heart warming effort to make this right. Please click the link and read Miracle's story.

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Jason said...

Thanks Grey (and Brita)! Bad things can happen anywhere and here is no exception but I hope Miracle has lots and lots of good days ahead. Really our role was pretty minor but when we look outside and see a happy and contented horse grazing with her friends we will remember ALL the big hearted and generous folks that played a role in Miracle's recovery and we'll be smiling when we do.