Sunday, March 6, 2011

The Blue Stairs to Nowhere

The other day I heard Brita in the barn, and I came running in to greet her. And there was the strangest object in the arena!

First I ran back and forth to get a good look at it from every angle. It was very peculiar, but it didn't move. Brita seemed unconcerned, and stood in the corner watching me. I was a bit unnerved. Things shouldn't just appear in the arena. Especially large, bright blue things.

Finally, I got up enough nerve to get close to it.

I smelled it. It smelled sort of... well... blue.

Then I felt it. It's rough in places, and if you run your chin back and forth over it, it feels funny.

Then I tasted it. And it didn't taste at all.

I tried to bite it. It's not chewable.

I pushed it, and it didn't run.

Then I thought about stomping it, and my next thought was... what would Brita think of that? She wasn't saying. She was being no help at all.

It seems to have a handle, but I can't get my teeth in it...

I give up. What does it do?


Chelsea said...

He's adorable! And I love his thoughts that follow it. Exactly the same as I interpret my horse's thinking to be when he's investigating something new. :)

Jason said...

We have a set of those here also. I joke that when Melissa uses them she ascends directly to heaven...

I think Frost missed his calling by not doing a poem about mounting blocks. With all the deeper meanings that Grey introduced it'd be a high school teachers dream....... :)

SmartAlex said...

LOL! I don't doubt Melissa does ascend directly to Heaven. But, your wife, or her horses, are much more angelic than I because when I climb them I'm at greater risk of being abducted by aliens!

I knew I would get a great reaction out of him. My favorite part was when he was going to paw them and then realised maybe I wouldn't like that. You could see the thought like a bubble over his head.

When I did climb them the first time, he was so shocked he reared up. I would load that clip, but silly me turned the camera at a weird angle so you have to watch it with your head sideways.

Roxie said...

I has a stares too! Mine is PURPLE. Mom's Mat maekes them for me.

Christine Cook said...

Oh his reactions remind me so much of my Rebel! We had a similar investigative process recently with a new wheelbarrow in an unexpected place.