Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm not the only one!

The most amazing thing happened today. While we were out riding, I met another horse. He was just trotting down the road with his girl like I do. This is completely unprecedented!

At first I didn't even spot him. And I don't think he saw me. His name is Burt.

To be honest, I really didn't know how to act. I would have loved to run right up to him and wrestle. But I was asked to stand still at a respectful distance and visit. I did OK, but boy was I excited. Mom and Brita did not seem as surprised. Apparently they knew about Burt already. Burt's girl Jillian told us that Burt goes to school with her and they are home on Spring break. Burt used to be a race horse, now he's a show jumper. He says he jumps 3'6". Well, I can too. Right here right now. Straight up off both ends. Let's go buddy.

When he went on his way, Brita made me go the opposite direction. I was good and obeyed, but of course my concentration was totally shot. I mean, first warm Spring weather, and then a friend! She made me go back to the barn even though I hadn't gotten a chance to stretch my legs. I did have a minor explosion on the way down the driveway. Wheeee! I could barely contain myself. Brita put me back in my lot. What a bummer. This could have been the best day ever.


SallymetHarryHorse said...

LOL this happens to me too the odd time we meet someone coming the other way. It really does blow their brains, but hey he's so cute I forgive him.

Leah said...

lol, "this could have been the best day ever." hehe Sorry Grey. . . now you'll be looking for your friend when you go out riding. Something to look forward to! Maybe you could race eachother, are you as fast as a racehorse?

William Pendleton said...

You bet I am !!!

My blinding speed would bring tears to your eyes.