Saturday, January 29, 2011

Horse and Rider Communication

Nothing says "I'd rather not be ridden bareback" like a little arena sand. I was afraid I went too far and she would mistake this for "I'd really like a bubble bath".

Wouldn't it be more fun to take the day off and throw some snow around? If I had hands instead of hooves, this snow ball would be much better.

You still want to go for a ride? Well, OK.

Brita took me in and did her best to clean me up. She did ride bareback (secretly my preference) but she had to sit on a towel. She was amazed when she dismounted to find that almost all of the dirt had magically faded and I was floofy and grey again..


Bif said...

Mother speaking here: Grey, you were FILTHY! You're lucky Brita was even willing to look at you like that!

Hope you enjoyed your ride =)

Teaspoon said...

Don't listen to her, you look great. I love mud. Bareback riding is my secret preference too.