Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Ice Age Terrors

EeeeYiiiikes! The Ice Age has returned, and on it's southern most edge is an exodus of dinosaurs trying to escape the climate change! They lumber along the road browsing on trees and other forage. There are little green men riding on their heads helping them to eat the trees. They chew up large limbs and poop them right out almost immediately with a horrible rumble and a blast of gas.

I could hear something terrible outside my window this morning, but the extreme cold had frosted everything up and I couldn't make it out. Then Mom turned me out in the pasture to face this unknown terror all by myself! I certainly couldn't go out there alone. Finally she walked out with me as reinforcements. I was very alarmed! I snorted as loud as I could as a warning to all little woodland creatures. The dinosaurs were not driven to extinction by the last Ice Age. They have adapted and become more horrible than you can possibly imagine!

What should I do?!?


paint_horse_milo said...

Grey, your Mother would never let anything bad happen to you. It might be noisy and scary, but as long as its on the other side of the fence from you, you have no need to fear, as it wont plow down the fence after you.

Bif said...

It sounds like you covered the basics:
1.) Snort, so everyone knows of the danger.
2.) Stay alert and mobile, ready to evade them in a split second.
3.) Hide in a safe place if there are no slower herdmates that the monster would be able to catch and consume instead of you.

Well played, WP, well played.


Jason said...

I think maintaining hyper alertness is probably your best bet. We had several of those dinosaurs on this farm a few days ago and they DID breach the perimeter in their quest to follow all the electric lines which they seemed to enjoy. Most of the oldsters just kept on grazing in their pastures leading me to believe they co-existed with the dinosaurs, back in the day ! :)

Teaspoon said...

Stay on top of it! You did a good thing by alerting the woodland creatures - I dunno if I would have thought of that.